This post is a work in progress to try to collect some interesting blogs by developers around the interwebs in no particular order

Julia Evans

A canadian developer who writes very interesting things about systems

Peter Bailis

Stanford Professor. Focuses on distributed systems

Kyle Kingsbury aka aphyr

The most interesting guy on the planet. A stalwart on distributed systems

Daniel Miessler

An information security professional and a very avid blogger on topics spanning from Vim primers to Security Vulnerabilities

Jeff Atwood

StackOverflow founder. One of the most popular blogs on programming/software development out there. One of the most respected stalwarts of our field

Gurmeet Singh Manku

IITD/Stanford Alum and a Google Veteran. Has a very interesting blog on Puzzles, Bay Area Hikes and Indian Culture

Dan Luu

Writes about tech, hiring and salaries

Patrick McKenzie

Writes about tech, hiring and salaries

- Ankush